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Welcome Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan

Postby RAS » Sat Jan 17, 2009 8:55 am

I first met Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan at my local cosmic bookstore when he was returning from a sound healing conference with a group of other talented individuals who gave talks about Cymascopes and the powers and uses of sounds and tones and sacred geometry and other Synergetic Energies. We chatted for a couple of minutes about infrasonics, binaural and isochronic tones, and Schumann Resonances, and promised to exchange some information in the future. Well, we did get in touch soon after that fascinating event and went on to become great friends and colleagues and collaborators, sharing our research and working together on amazing new concepts in the Synergetic Energies realms.

Gary is an internationally recognized composer and conductor and musician extraordinaire, as well as being a reverend, a professor, and a few other things, and is without a doubt, one of the leading sound and energy researchers and experts in the world.

His book SONA: Healing with Wave Front BIOresonance has quietly become an underground best seller primarily focusing on the history and uses of sound and its powerful uses dating back to man's early days on the planet, as well as the state-of-the-art work he and others are currently doing. This book is already being translated into several languages and has become a workbook/textbook for programs and courses being set up in several other countries. Together with all the other duties and positions Gary is currently fulfilling, he has also recently begun working on the second edition of SONA as well as his next book on color and it's beneficial and powerful uses in enhancing the body's own natural healing abilities. In addition, Gary is the Director of Bioresonance Research at the Healing Center at Steamboat Hot Springs in Nevada and maintains a full schedule of research, composing, conducting, and all his other duties.

Gary's 500+ page book is available at his website in either a hard copy (with two CDs of beautiful, health-enhancing music, powerful frequency combinations, charts, spreadsheets, and more) or an electronic version (three CDs) at http://www.communityguilds.org/music.html and it includes a vast amount of information, theories, and findings about the powerful uses of sound for enhancing the body's own natural healing abilities for health and well-being. I have already read this book several times from cover to cover and have only begun to experiment with some of the concepts that Gary reveals in this monumental work covering decades of his research and studies as well as collaborations with other great minds in the Synergetic Energies Community.

I'm honored to call this distinguished gentleman a friend and colleague. Gary has graciously agreed to participate in this SONA forum to field questions and discussions about his work and his book. Please join us to discuss the future of enhancing your body's health and well-being with sound and color and other Synergetic Energies.

Without further adieu, I'd like to welcome Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan to the Synergetic Energies forum about SONA: Healing with Wave Front BIOresonance. Thank you so much for joining us here Gary and for sharing your wealth of knowledge and your lifetime of research on the beneficial powers of sound and color and other Synergetic Energies .

I'd like to start this discussion with a few questions for you.

First, how does sound really enhance our body's own natural abilities to heal itself? What is it about sound that can actually benefit us?

I understand that in addition to working on the second edition of SONA, you have also been working on your next book on the similar powers of color. How does color really enhance our body's own natural abilities to heal itself? What is it about color that can actually benefit us?

And finally, is there an actual correlation between color and sound in this regard? How do sound and color synergetically work together? And are they creating an all together new synergetic energy? And if yes, is there a name for this new synergetic energy?

Thanks again for joining us here in the SONA forum, Gary. I'm looking forward to reading your response.

Best regards,

~Richard (RAS)

P.S. Gentle readers, you too are invited to participate in this SONA forum. You need to register and login to post replies, questions, experiences, etc., but that's necessary to keep the spammers at bay. Thanks for visiting the SONA forum and have an awesome day.
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Re: Welcome Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan

Postby grbuchanan » Mon Jan 19, 2009 11:47 am

Thank you, Rick, for your generous Welcome to the Forum. I believe the beginning of the 21st century to be a revolutionary new era in "alternative and preventive" health care --- an opening "window of opportunity" to begin sharing and developing innovative "Synergetic Energies" in healing via the use of Sound, Light, and Color.

Sound absolutely DOES enhance our body's natural abilities to heal in numerous ways. Most are overlooked or not at first apparent to people. For example, Music has this ability --- and in the West Music Therapy has become a major focus of healing the mind, body, and spirit since at least the 1940s, if not even earlier. Today everyone simply accepts that different types of music can affect the overall person in innumerable beneficial, or sometimes deleterious, ways. Sound recordings and a multitude of live performance individuals and groups have proven this, without question. And, of course, all of this has a great deal to do with "consciousness."

However, beyond music, ALL phenomena in the Universe are "vibrational." From the resonance of atomic particles spinning around a nucleus, to the motion of galaxies and black holes, the molecules and tissues that constitute our physical bodies, the brain waves that guide our thoughts, the electromagnetic and higher morphogenetic fields surrounding all living things, each and every substance has a frequency or set of frequencies that determine its existence and define its functionality. As importantly, all such frequencies merge and relate to one another, geometrically and multi-dimensionally, as defined, for example, by the late Buckminster Fuller in the principles laid out in his grand design science, "Synergetics."

Now, on the human level we see the physical body operating on these vibrational levels. Within the infrasonic range alone the body is constantly emitting up to 200 or more frequencies. We do not hear these vibrations simply because they lie below one's threshold of hearing, i.e., around 20 Hertz. But, they are there --- and indicative of functions taking place --- either optimal for health --- or not so helpful to one's well-being. Then, in other areas, like molecules, cells, tissues, ligaments, tendons, bones, nerves, blood and circulation, respiration and diastole/systole of the heart, brain waves, sympathetic/parasympatheitc systems, ad infinitum, each and every part or system is vibrating at a certain frequency or combinatorial resonance that, again, is either healthy, or not so good.

"Cymatic" researchers have discovered that we may introduce sounds into the body that are the "best" frequencies or resonances for certain parts or overall functions. For example, we may apply a specially designed sound combination via a sound transducer to the liver and simply "remind" the cells therein of their optimal vibrations. Rather rapidly the liver cells will absorb, sympathetically resonate, and become "entrained" with those beneficial wave fronts of sound --- perhaps alleviating pain, regenerating new cells, improving circulation, function, etc. The research of such beneficial "tones and chords" is the work of many individuals laboring globally who have been investigating these biosonic relationships for decades. We now have long listings of basic frequencies and sets that can affect all kinds of health conditions --- and on the higher fields of the body, as well, i.e., mental, psychological, and spiritual.

In my recent book, that you kindly mention, SONA: Healing with Wave Front BIoresonance, I attempted to provide a lengthy and rather complete overview of the history and future of all these approaches, dealing primarily with sound healing, but also touching briefly upon light and color relationships. In my next book I will be focusing primarily upon light and color applications. Whereas sound is thermal and "phonon" energy, light and color are "photonic." The combination of both approaches in healing can perform wonders!

Thus far I have completed a preliminary listing of over 1,000 light and color therapies that many researchers have successfully used in treating conditions. Beginning with early investigators like Babbit, Ghadiali, Cousto, and others, I bring the applications forward to our time and incorporate recent discoveries and hands-on therapies we use at our Healing Center at Steamboat Geothermal Hot Springs in Nevada. The power of light and color to heal has been well known since antiquity, constitutes an even higher order of vibrational therapy, and will unquestionably become the dominant modality in all future medicine.

Also in the new textbook I will expand the free listing of hundreds of sound commutations given in SONA to several thousand highly effective new sonic arrays. Then, by perusing those listings, the researcher and therapist may choose which sound commutations to use for specific conditions --- while at the same time choosing complementary light and color therapies to apply with those sounds. This is an incredibly exciting prospect --- seldom if ever undertaken before! I should also mention that water plays a similarly important role in vibrational healing --- and that subject will also be further discussed in the new tome.

You ask what is it about color that can actually benefit us? Well, as each part of our being is vibrational and may be affected with sound vibrations --- color and light also have this capacity. For example, if we apply the liver commutation mentioned above, and use a pulsing lemon light on that same area, the organ responds to both the sound vibration and the color range, thus speeding overall regeneration and healing.

What is the correlation between sound and light vibrations? Well, many have tried to nail this down. But, it is not so easy to simply say, "The Angstom count of such and such a color is this, and therefore the sound vibration must be this." While sound and light/color are surely linked, an axial wave front of light energy is quite different from a spherical wave front of sound. One must also consider the electro-magnetic and quantum potentials involved.

Still, there ARE rules-of-thumb that I give in SONA. For example, we know that the base of the spine resonates best to a binary frequency AND the color red/scarlet, the lower abdomen to orange and ternary-cubed, the solar plexus to five and yellow, etc. Much depends upon what condition, what part of the body or higher fields we are addressing, whether we are using analgesic, sedative, regenerating applications, what we expect to happen, etc. Again, consciousness becomes an ever more important aspect of healing --- both on the part of the facilitator and the subject --- as we emerse ourselves in these new technologies.

For now, I choose to simply find the sounds that work, the colors that work, and combine them. Perhaps other investigators will eventually tell us exactly what is going on with these different energy sources and their specific vibrational relationships. However, there is no question that a "Synergetic" effect takes place when sound, light, and color are combined. That is, the healing potentials created are certainly greater than the sum of the parts --- "higher organization" is established --- and health is enhanced. I call this new energy, this all-encompassing field of consciousness, "SONA." As explained in that book, this "element" is related to the sacred word/sacrificial agent, discussed in the Vedas, i.e., "Soma."

Thank you, again, Rick, for allowing me to discuss all these things on the Forum. I know you will garner a large number of contributors and that lots of new and exciting insights will be shared. Personally, I am anxious to find out what others may have discovered about healing with light, color, sound, magnetism, and similar new therapies being developed.

Gary Robert Buchanan
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Re: Welcome Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan

Postby RAS » Sat Jan 24, 2009 6:03 am

Thanks for that great reply to my initial questions about sound and color and other Synergetic Energies, Gary. I look forward to following your research and discoveries and I especially look forward to your next book about the powers and uses of color. And it will be exciting to learn more about what our readers are doing with sound, color, light, and other Synergetic Energies in their work and research too.

I notice in your SONA book that you write a fair amount about "sacred geometry." I and some of our readers are really fascinated by the concept of "sacred geometry" but have a fuzzy sort of understanding or idea about what "sacred geometry" actually is. What is it that makes a geometric shape sacred? Can any geometric shape be sacred? How does "sacred geometry" apply to sound? Does it also apply to color and/or other Synergetic Energies? Anything else you can tell us about "sacred geometry" that helps us understand how we might use and/or apply it in our works and creations would be much appreciated too. I and our readers really appreciate your sharing your time and detailed knowledge here.

I must say Gary, it is very fascinating and exciting to think about how your research and that of our readers and colleagues working with Synergetic Energies may actually benefit the human race, helping us "remember" some of these ancient principals being applied today with some of our modern technologies. It seems that a lot of man's quest for knowledge and learning and new discoveries is actually rooted in man's ancient history, in the teachings of the Ancients. Similar to how man is still trying to figure out how the pyramids and other wonders of the world were actually built and all the principles that were applied in their creation and uses.

Thanks again Gary for sharing your findings from a lifetime of research into the realms of Synergetic Energies.
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Re: Welcome Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan

Postby grbuchanan » Sun Jan 25, 2009 2:58 pm

Thank you, Rick, for your questions.

Sacred Geometry is the study of constructs found in nature which have been observed and recreated throughout world history by many great cultures in their art, music, architecture, terrestrial layouts and orientations, etc., especially among the great “solar cultures,” like China, India, Indo-China, Egypt, the Middle East, Britain, Oceania, Central and South America, and other “forgotten” civilizations, e.g., in Europe, North America, other parts of Africa, etc.

The underlying principle of sacred geometry and architecture is that the descriptions and mathematical ratios employed are reflective of musical and harmonic laws common to all phenomena in the universe and cosmos. As you know, in my recent book, SONA, I devoted a specific chapter to the idea that sacred geometric structures relate directly to sound, harmony, resonance — and therefore, by extension, healing.

Still, what is “sacred” about a nautilus shell or pine cone — simply because they follow Golden Mean growth proportions? Why is the shape of a pyramid “sacred?” When two circles join and form a “Vesica Piscis, why is that supposedly “sacred?” Anyone else have a take on this?

The typical answers I have run across are that 1-Golden Mean is a “divine proportion” that may be observed in all of nature, e.g., in man and his multiple dimensions, etc., being reflective of a higher control in creation. 2-The shape and dimensions of a pyramidal form contain vortexial energies known to be preservative, or healing, both inside and outside — and reflected from the surfaces. 3-The joining of two spherical wave fronts at nuclei in a Vesica Piscis area (volume) is a “cavitation” of “augmented” energies, etc. These are only a few of the reasons I have seen/heard people give in discussing “sacred” or “secret” meanings in geometry.

Others often refer to the “sacred solids” of Pythagoras/Plato, to crystallography, to the “Synergetic” geometry of Buckminster Fuller, or even to the elegant patterns of crop circles created by unknown forces — perhaps Extra-Terrestrials, maybe streaming telluric energies, whatever.

We DO know that etymologically, the word “sacred’ comes from the Latin, “sacer,” meaning that which is reflective of and/or offered to the Gods. Thus, if you adore the sun, say, like Akhenaton, you might find a perfect circle to be “sacred.” If the circle has a cross in it, you might consider that sacred — as did the ancient Celts. So, it would seem that any geometric shape may be considered “sacred,” IF we see it as mirroring some higher power or order. Similarly, if we build a round temple in which to worship or meditate, like the round or elliptical kivas of the Pueblo peoples, then we might say that structure is “sacred,” and a kind of “sacramental” structure or offering to the gods. Apparently, the idea is that we are trying to make things “below” that are reflective of the “above,” emphasizing the symbolic relationships of microcosm to macrocosm.

Now, when we play a sound into a CymaScope® and watch the sand particles form geometries, or observe patterns forming in a dish of water (sometimes 3-dimensional), we know that the sounds, the vibrations, are universal phenomena which resemble and link with all other wave front patterns in creation. A sound combination used for healing, if viewed in this way, may also produce incredibly beautiful, perhaps traditionally “sacred,” images. In fact, this is probably the best way to decide if an array is, in fact, healing, or powerful, or reflective of some higher, intuited, order.

Let’s say I have a five-frequency commutation that is known to be therapeutic within the “aura” of the body. In an actual therapy we may pass the sound applicator slowly up and down, above, the body, and listen for subtle variations in the sound. If we find a “miasmic hole” in the field, we might want to try and “patch” or fix that spot. One way to do this is to slowly circle down to the spot, clockwise, forming a diminishing pyramidal vortex. Then, we work back out, moving counter-clockwise in an ascending spiral, to “remove” the “blockage” and “smooth” that auric area.

Next, let’s look at that same sound commutation forming as a "glyph" in a dish of water. If it is a clearly defined and steady geometric form --- as opposed to some randomly occurring pattern of disorganized nodes and swirls --- then it is far more likely to be healing. Why? Probably because it appears to reflect “order,” something “sacred” — something we have seen before, maybe only in our mind’s eye, but recognized as a powerful “archetype,” ala Carl Jung or Joseph Campbell, for example...a “symbol” of something.

Moreover, consider: If in the dish of water the perfectly formed Cymatic pattern is also slowly “spinning,” say clockwise, then perhaps counter-clockwise, then does it not seem that the spinning commutation might be even more effective in the vortexial clearing and patching described above, i.e., as we are seeking to repair such miasmic distortions? I suspect so, and this is but one way we might link sacred geometry to efficacious sound healing.

On the other hand, the subject of color and sacred geometry is not so well understood and/or generally talked about — at least within my experience. Perhaps others can speak to this topic? Is a globe “golden?” Is a pyramid “red?” I would be interested in hearing what others may think or feel about such relationships.

Gary Robert Buchanan
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Re: Welcome Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan

Postby aumfree » Fri Jan 30, 2009 8:51 pm

My name is Michael Logue. I was invited to join this group because of a "chance" meeting at a trade show. Its an honor to be able to participate in these conversations from the scientific perspective. I am a intuitive musician and sound healer whose "day job" is doing marketing and business development for audio technology companies. My hope is that by being involved here I might be able to facilitate the use of some already existing technologies to hasten development or, to help forum members acquire the best equipment for the task they are looking to accomplish.

I have been working with vocal over-toning for about 20 years and would welcome the chance to contribute that in anyway to projects or........?

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Re: Welcome Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan

Postby RAS » Sat Jan 31, 2009 1:42 pm

Welcome Michael,

We do hope that many new partnerships and collaborative projects emerge as a result of this website that will push us all into new realms of discovery and development with these varioius synergetic energies we have started discussing.

We're glad you joined us Michael. We are working on a new forum to discuss overtone chanting and the magic of harmonics with one of the the true masters himself, Bruce Manaka, a musician, amazing artist, outstanding author, and visionary. After hearing Bruce, and his wonderful wife Patty, perform a most amazing concert event at my local cosmic bookstore, I was honored to start learning the ancient vocal techniques of overtone chanting, the assorted bowls and instruments, and the magic of harmonics from Bruce. Bear with us a short while longer, and we will be starting that forum very soon.

In the interim, you can check out Bruce's amazing artwork and writings at his website at http://www.manakastudios.com/ and http://www.manakastudios.com/HarmonicWorkshop.html. And I can accurately verify that Bruce and Patty's musical concerts are indeed "a magical and excellent event."

Thanks again for joining our Synergetic Energies community, Michael, and feel free to post questions for Gary Buchanan about the SONA book, about color, sound, and other synergetic energies. And you are also invited, along with all our readers, to suggest new forums and topics you would like to see discussed and explored.

Best regards,

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Re: Welcome Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan

Postby grbuchanan » Sun Feb 01, 2009 11:11 am

Dear Michael,

Thank you for adding your thoughts to the SONA forum. Your background and experience are extensive --- from my research online, which shows you are a composer, performer, sound healer, educator, and business consultant with IT credentials. We certainly value any further comments you may wish to add! (For those interested, please see http://www.michaelloguewebdesign.com/ among other sites.)

Both Richard and I are very much interested in overtone singing --- Richard having worked for sometime now in this area with his colleague Bruce Manaka.

My interest in the subject goes back to the early days when Karlheinz Stockhausen was composing for choirs of overtone singers. This past Fall I had the privilege of attending the Third International Sound Healing Conference in Santa Fe where many workshops were given by leading, and quite diverse, overtone singers from around the globe, e.g., Chris James, Nikolay Oorzhak, Jill Purce, James D’Angelo, Chloe Goodchild, Sita Jamieson, and others. (See http://www.bizspirit.com/soundhealing/so_speakers.html)

I also understand you are a keyboard player and may have some knowledge of related electronic designs. For example, what are the best keyboards for tuning the individual keys separately so that one might play with adjusted or micro-tunings? I have talked with a lot of folks who are interested in this capability. In creating commutations and music for healing this is a much needed technology.


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Re: Welcome Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan

Postby liveinpeace » Sun Feb 01, 2009 6:05 pm

Thanks Gary, for offering the valuable resources of your knowledge and wisdom as pertains to the energies of sound, light and color. I'm very excited about learning more about the research that you have done (especially in the different sound commutations as relating to the different parts of the body) and to also share and participate with the many members of the community that I am sure will be attracted to this forum.

Thanks also to Rick for setting up and facilitating this forum. It's been a pleasure getting to know you last year and I look forward to collaborating with you this year!

Bruce Manaka
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Re: Welcome Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan

Postby RAS » Mon Feb 09, 2009 8:53 am

Thank you kindly, Gary, for your great replies to my questions about sacred geometry and sound and color. Each time I talk to you or read your writing, I come up with a whole new batch of questions, LOL.

I also wanted to welcome all our new readers. I wanted to remind all our readers that this is an open forum, so post your questions, comments, observations, and feel free to join in the conversation.

Gary, I wanted to talk a bit more about the ideas you mentioned in your replies and about resonance and entrainment.

A good bit of my early research focused on brainwave entrainment and altering ones state of mind via sound frequencies for relaxation, learning, deeper sleep, etc. (the old delta, theta, alpha, beta brain state stuff). And brainwave entrainment does work as my, and others, many years of research have shown. But your research and SONA book and working with Bruce Manaka really expanded my thinking on entrainment, making me realize that all kinds of entrainments are going on in our bodies and minds simultaneously. Each of our internal organs is resonating/entraining at some frequency, and our minds are constantly being entrained on different frequencies in our environment; music, construction, equipment, traffic, etc. Thinking about it like that makes it seem like there's either a beautiful or chaotic orchestra playing inside each one of us all the time, a combination of all the various bodily organs' frequencies as well as all the heard and unheard sounds emitted from our bodies. And I suspect they are changing just about all the time, day and night, awake and asleep.

How do we get a read on our own internal frequencies and resonances? Is there a way for the 'average person (if there exists such a person, LOL) to read their own frequencies/resonances/vibrations without fancy or complicated equipment?

How do we know or determine when some internal organ is resonating at a not so beneficial frequency? I know you talked about ways that you might find a “miasmic hole” in a person's field, but can a person locate these types of things within themselves? Is there a way for us to catch/notice an internal organ that is resonating at a not so beneficial frequency, in the early stages, before it becomes an actual unhealthful condition? How do we determine what sounds/frequencies/tones are beneficial to us, or harmful to us? How can the elusive 'average person' start applying these good ideas/practices to their own lives to enhance their bodies' own natural abilities to heal itself?

I've touched on entrainment a bit here, but I have a whole batch of other entrainment and sacred geometry questions that I will ask you in a future message. Thank you again, Gary, for sharing your research, wisdom, and ideas with us. As always, I look forward to your reply.

Best Regards,


P.S. Gentle readers, you too are invited to participate in this SONA forum, and our other public forums. Feel free to add your comments or questions. You need to register and login to post replies, questions, experiences, etc., but that's necessary to keep the spammers at bay.. Thanks for visiting the SONA forum at the Synergetic Energies Community and have an awesome day.
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Re: Welcome Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan

Postby grbuchanan » Wed Feb 11, 2009 2:11 pm

Thank you, again, Rick,. Your early research in brain wave entrainment has obviously supplied you a lot of insights in regard to the body being, as you say, an ongoing “chaotic orchestra.” On the surface, your questions would appear relatively simple. However, in order to answer them, I must ask that you please allow me to go on and on quite a bit — as so many areas are touched upon.

Brain Wave Entrainment:

As you probably know, some of the best known technologies for brain wave entrainment have been developed by the Monroe Institute with their HemiSync programming (See http://www.monroeinstitute.com/) and by William Harris at Centerpointe Research Institute with “Holosync Solutions” (See http://www.centerpointe.com/). Both approaches use binaural sound sources, with headphones, to induce and entrain difference tones of delta, theta, alpha, beta, etc. in the brain. There are many others also working in this area. Still, as Dr. Jeffrey Thompson has shown via his research at the Center for Neuroacoustic Research in Encinitas (See http://www.neuroacoustic.com/), the brain is actually never producing just one brain wave state; rather, he records and charts many wave frequencies pulsing simultaneously — the combined frequencies forming holographic-type patterns — much like the glyphs on a CymaScope. (See http://www.cymascope.com/cymascope.html).

As you also point out, on a larger scale we are certainly being entrained all the time by frequencies in the environment — and on all body and field levels, e.g., physical body, psychic fields (etheric, mental, astral, et al), and within the higher Light and Solar Body fields, as well. The link between vibrational frequencies of sound and the finer light and color counts is the connection of the material to the transcendent, the corporeal body to the aura, the organic interplay of body, mind, and spirit.

For example, listening to a child crying can not only disturb one’s consciousness, but as well can become a long-lived sonic impression within the body, brain, and subtle fields. Or, just imagine sitting at an intersection in your car, and then suddenly being shaken by several bikers revving their infrasonic engines. If you can recall that sound taking place in your teeth, medulla oblongata, solar plexus, and groin, then you are still carrying that entrainment!

You ask how can we “read our own internal frequencies and resonances.” Well, there are surely all kinds of ways. For example, there are numerous instrumentations that can tell us the heart rate, brain rate, vasculatory pressure, oxidation levels, electro-magnetic flows, respiratory rate, etc. We can see pulsations within the whole body with a live MRI. We can undergo various forms of kinetic testing and determine rates, say, for muscle tetanus. We can perform galvanic skin scans and determine responsive vibrations there. Plus, many types of bio-feedback devices can supply biological frequencies, and more are being developed all the time. I suspect we could fill up several pages with listings of just those kinds of tools and methods.

Voice Analysis:

One of the better known and easiest ways to determine frequencies and problems within is with Voice Analysis. An individual simply talks into a computer program, and the frequencies are analyzed. If tones are “missing,” those indicate poor areas of health. Following simple diagnosis, the needed sounds are supplied with an external sound source, or with vocalizations. Such are not complex programs and readily obtained. Sharry Edwards has her BioAcoustic programs and training at the Sound Health Institute. (See http://www.nutrasounds.com/). Then there is MarySol Gonzales Sterling in Spain with a similar program, but one which also includes R & D in Light and Color. (See http://www.biosonic.org/manualEng/12NOTES.html). Daniel Kunkel at http://www.biowaves.com has a similar voice analysis program and sound box.

Oto-Acoustic Emissions:

Related to this vocal methodology is the work and research of Dorinne Davis, founder of the Davis Center in New Jersey. (See http://www.thedaviscenter.com/staff/s-ddavis.htm). Dorinne has developed a new way of hearing those “missing” tones. She teaches how to perceive the “Oto-Acoustic Emissions” being generated naturally in the ears. By intoning those “missing” frequencies, one can improve his/her whole body vibrational resonance (WBV). She has also written a wonderful new “Preface” for the upcoming Second Edition of my book, SONA: Healing with Wave Front BIOresonance, which will be in print shortly. (See http://www.communityguilds.org/music.html).

Traditional Vibrational Analysis & The Aura:

But then, there are also the more traditional methods — like pendulums and meditation. A vibrational dowser can discover all kinds of rates going on within the physical and subtle bodies, while a sensitive yogin can feel, see, and hear many of those resonances while in a relaxed and highly conscious state of quietude. (See, for example http://www.crystalhealingsolutions.com/pendulums.php).

Not unrelated, the human aura is an even more direct “key” in all such determinations. As I have said, the more one becomes aware of the morphogenetic and light fields surrounding the entity, the easier it is to find out where the problems are!

Incidentally, in one of my last replies I referred to finding “miasms” in the fields. Well, that might have been confusing to some readers. Strictly speaking, the term “miasm” was developed by the famous homeopathic physician Samuel Hahnemann who was referring to only a handful of specific, and rather all-encompassing, irregularities responsible for a host of related conditions. In recent times many of us have gotten into the habit of calling all kinds of “field anomalies” by that term. (See http://homeoint.org/morrell/articles/pm_miasm.htm).

Anyway, it is clear that it is the higher “onion skins” of the entity that determine and reflect all that is going on within the physical, mental, psychic, and spiritual personae. Conditions often appear first in the fields, then begin manifesting in the physical body. If a condition is worsening within, it will be noticeable in the fields. Thus, if we perceive any “anomaly” in the aura, we know that spot is of interest/concern. The related physical area may not, as yet, be affected — or it might already be suffering dis-ease. Whatever the case, we can assist in the healing by working in the field, then more directly within the physical body itself, at that indicated location.

Light, Sound & Color:

In my experience, the best way to find out what is going on within the body and its fields is to use light, sound, and color methodologies. The aura has colors, and all those hues and tints are simply varying frequencies of light. Sound is a related vibrational intervention, only at a lower rate of vibration.

If we undertake light and color therapy, which can be performed by the individual alone, it is possible to determine which areas of the body, and fields, are in need of assistance. For example, if a Yellow light is shone on the Solar Plexus, it should feel good, comforting, and natural. If there is pain, or unease, or disorientation, then something is not quite right in that area. Maybe the emotions are not clear and under control; perhaps the digestive system is having problems. The color and light may rapidly travel to the head, and a headachy feeling is experienced. This would indicate a possible mental and emotional imbalance, etc.

Each part of the body has a “mind” of its own, and all of those parts respond to different colors. This is the basis of color therapy, photon therapy, photo-syntonics, chromatherapy, et al. However, one can learn how to sense these diverse functions within the body by working with color filters, sunlight, artificial light sources, and specific techniques. Such an undertaking, while personal, is also the highest of arts and sciences, because what we are now discussing is the “Light Body” found within high religious traditions found throughout history, for example, among the Egyptians, Brahmans, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Essenes, Incas, and others. (See, for example our work in Peru at http://www.aefosc.org/). This life-style, evolutionary approach on the individual level, is taught by our school and is called “Cosolargy,” i.e., Cosmic-Solar-Logos combined in “The System.” (See http://www.cosolargy.org/).

The human body and its several organizing fields and force centers may be understood, perceived, and healed with The System we practice in our Community of Light. This is also the non-profit that supports all of my research, and I would encourage those interested to contact the center. (See You Tube — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4u3j-HxV5g).

I have a question or two, as well. Is a nadi-chakra a bell, or a singing bowl? Are colors harmonics? If so, how do we define Angstrom counts as harmonics?

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